Welcome! I am a math artist, and love creating artwork inspired from mathematical ideas. The world is built on pattern and order, and by representing these patterns in different ways and in different media, we can connect ideas in original and surprising ways that give us insight into and appreciation for the structures that surround us and connect us all.

I work in all kinds of media: digital prints, film, music, sculpture, poetry, literature and drama. I also operate a mathematics creativity center with my partner Gerd Åsta Bones in Vanvikan, Norway, where we give courses and design products that capture the joy of mathematical exploration.

Here you’ll find examples of my work. Thanks for visiting, and please contact me if you’d like to discuss a project.

Naked Geometry Project

The Naked Geometry project started in 2006 and currently consists of over 70 images, sculptures and video that create mathematical forms with the human body. Several works have been exhibited internationally at the Bridges Math Art Exhibit since 2010. The artwork has also been presented in several lectures, including a Math Encounters presentation at the Museum of Mathematics in New York, NY. Earlier work has been published in the book “Naked Geometry” (which has been translated into Norwegian and published under the title “Naken Geometri”).

Selected works:

Digital Prints

Sculpture and Jewelry

Here is some of my work in 3d, in all scales from you-can-wear-it to you-can-climb-in-it.

Video and animation