Fox and Mouse

This pair of 3d sculptures is a couple that share many properties that are either the same or entirely opposite.

“The Fox” is made of 60 salad forks, each like a fox that chase after each other in groups of 3. The foxes meet 5 at each tail. “The Mouse” is also made from 60 pieces, in this case wooden spoons. The mice chase around in circles of 5, and they meet 3 at each tail. “Five and three”, compared with the fox’s “three and five”.

“The Fox” has 20 groups of forks chasing each other, and the tails meet to make 12 corners. “The Mouse” has 12 groups of spoons chasing each other, and their tails meet to make 20 corners. Twenty and twelve, twelve and twenty.

In all, this pair of sculptures have at least six pairs of attributes that are complementary. Some of this attibute complements are number properties they inherit from the polyhedra forms they are modeled after. Some are artistic choices, such as: one has screws on the inside, the other on the outside; one has tails bound with copper wire, one with steel wire; one hangs from a corner, one hangs from the center of a group; and so on.

The pair hang in the dining hall at Amborneset Math Park, an appropriate place for artwork made from forks and spoons. They hang together so that visitors can compare and contrast them and hunt for similarities and difference.